Essays on Climate Change And Cultural Transformation

Who Are We?: Identity in the Anthropocene

Identity is a major issue today. More and more people are asking the simple question “Who am I?” and realising there is no simple answer.  Similarly in respect of our social and ecological identity -the collective human phenomenon - and our place on the Earth and in the Universe.  For instance, are we separate from nature or an integral part of it?  The timeless, paradoxical question of the Zen tradition, “What was the nature of your original face before you were born?”, begins, in this post-modern and climate-crisis age, to make more sense.  It is time we inquired into our essential individual and species identity rather than simply remain unconscious of who we are.

Where Has Truth Gone?: Book Review of Naomi Klein, Pankaj Mishra and Ken Wilber

The New Axial Age: Climate Change and Cultural Evolution