Essays on Climate Change And Cultural Transformation

The Anthropocene - Challenge and Opportunity

In her 2017 book,“No Is Not Enough”, Naomi Klein described the “lessons from Standing Rock” in North Dakota when the “water protectors” gathered outside the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation to try to stop the Dakota Access pipeline ....... December 5th, 2016 was the Sioux’s “last stand” 1 against the most violent state repression. Many had arrived to stand with them, including a convoy of more than two thousand military veterans. What Klein found there when she joined them was a network of camps comprising ten thousand people. It had developed into a community, that was much more than just a resistance to the pipeline. In the words of Bull Allard, the official historian of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, it had become a school, not just here to protect the Earth and water but “to help humanity answer its most pressing question: how to live with the Earth again, not against it.”

The New Axial Age: Climate Change and Cultural Evolution